That Feeling When – March 23rd

That feeling when that channel on Sirius XM that you were really starting to like suddenly isn’t there and you think it might just be that you need to turn the app on and off again or maybe jiggle the cable to the internet to bring it back but nothing’s working until you remember that you have the internet so you google it and find out that SXM just made it go away and you try a couple of the channels that are supposedly “close” to the same sort of music and they’re really, REALLY not so you go back to listening to a country channel for a while but somehow it’s become so pop and Brittany Spears-like that you want to stuff your ears with rabid man-eating eels while knowing that you’ll be scarred for life after listening to that crap so in the end you’re back listening to classical because if it’s good enough to survive three or four hundred years it must have something going for it, right?

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Filed under Deep Thoughts, Music, Paul

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