Shit, it happened again. Busier than god all day at my paying job, come home and spend all evening busier than god at my non-paying job. All of a sudden it’s 23:44…

Drop back ten and punt, at least in the blogging, website, “NDIAD” (Not Dead In A Ditch) sort of way. (NDIAD is how my kids learned to report home when they were travelling or staying over at a friend’s house and wanted to let me know they had gotten home safely or whatever. It’s a Willett thing.)

Oh, and I got turned down for the latest NASA Social that I had applied for. SHAZBATT!! It would have been for the Mars InSight landing, held at JPL, and would have been really, REALLY cool! Which is no doubt why a ton of folks applied and those of us who don’t have 5,000 or 25,000 followers (or those of us who have already been to five) didn’t get picked.

How did your day go?

Oh, if you’re anywhere on the US eastern seaboard, please stay safe – it’s going to be a rough couple of weeks. Check in once in a while, that sort of thing.

It occurs to me that NDIAD can also stand for Not Drowned In A Ditch…

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