YAK-52 (Completed)

(AAARGHH!!! – Hit the stupid “Publish” button by mistake! Here’s the whole thing. Sorry. Oops)

Airshow season has started and pretty much everything we have at the CAF SoCal is off for the first few weekend shows, except of course for those undergoing maintenance and restoration. This leads to a bunch of empty hangars, which makes it a good time to be cleaning them. However, today when I got in, there was a strange plane there.

It’s a YAK-52, a Russian trainer. Not quite a “warbird” since it’s less than twenty years old, but it still must be fun to fly.

It’s got that nice, big Russian rotary engine up front.

So, what’s it doing in our hangar temporarily? Shelter from the storm, as it were.

It’s been windy as all get out for the last couple of days and this aircraft’s a taildragger, so it can be tricky to land in nasty winds. Like, yesterday, when it came into Camarillo.

What’s wrong with this picture?

The tips of those three propeller blades? They’re not supposed to end that way. Really, really not supposed to end that way.

A gust must have caught the plane, raised the tail, lowered the nose, and the spinning blades hit the runway.

It’s said that any landing’s a good one if you can walk away from it, but the great ones are where you can use the aircraft afterwards. This aircraft will fly again, but it will require some work to that engine and all new props.


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