2192 Days

2192 days

2286 articles published

5576 photos/images

50 videos

5 audio files

1999 comments (c’mon, someone be the 2,000th!)

The prize for the most comments, by well over a factor of three, is Jemima Pett. Thank you for the input, feedback, and conversation! (Wendy, you’re in second place.)

The article that received the most comments? They Crossed A Line, a screed about some truly ignorant and horrible astronomy in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

The article that’s received the most views? Still a bit of a surprise to me, but it’s the pictures I posted from the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo, VA, with 575 views. (I notice when I search the site to create that link the “birthday” articles at “730 Days” and “1096 Days” also come up, so this may be a positive feedback loop I’ve just given another shove to.) Second is the article about First Landing State Park in Virginia (522 views), with a P-51 engine replacement being third (504 views).

I find it funny to see that the only “Flash Fiction” I see in the top fifty or so is the one titled “Gigantic Honkin’ Nipple Clamps.” I do miss the weekly flash fiction exercise that Chuck Wendig used to run. Also, I had figured that people were reading that Flash Fiction more than the others because of the title, and it very well might be. But I just re-read it and it’s not half bad.

Most of the articles in the Top Posts are older, having had some time to build up a number of views over time. I’m pleased to see one quite recent in there as well – “My Battery Is Low And It’s Getting Dark.

Looking through those 5576 photos & images, there are probably several hundred (I’m not going to spend the time counting) “images” from phone screen shots and a handful of images from the Internet when something or the other caught my attention. But at least 90% of those 5576 images are pictures I’ve taken.

Space. Airplanes. Critters. Travels. Clouds. Sunsets. Flowers. Lizards. Christmas lights. Fireworks. And whatever other stupid shit catches my eye.

I always hope for greatness, but some days I have to settle for not being boring. Thanks to all of you for following along, no matter where I am on that spectrum.


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4 responses to “2192 Days

  1. Ronnie

    Am I 2000?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oops. missed!
    But then, maybe I’m a Space Odyssey… well no, you are. 🙂

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