Stained Glass – April 29th

Let’s finish April on an upbeat note, with something beautiful.

A couple of weeks ago the world watched in horror as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned. The next morning, despite all of the terrible damage, I and millions of others around the world were gratified to see how much was saved, including the giant rose stained glass window.

I’ve never been to Notre Dame and I regret missing the opportunity. However, I have been to other cities in Europe and I have seen other cathedrals.

For reasons we don’t need to go into here I’m not a church goer, but I do love art, architecture, and things of magnificent beauty. There are many things on this planet that fit that criteria. Included in my list would be cathedrals, and in particular, their stained glass windows.

In 2006 I had the opportunity to visit Prague, and my experiences there made it one of my favorite cities. A special treat was a few hours spent spent touring the Prague Cathedral.

So while I can’t share pictures of Notre Dame, I can share pictures of the stained glass windows from Prague.

There’s a very “Game of Thrones” look to that silhouette…


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