Drought Resistant & Unusual

At our office they’ve planted a big section of “drought resistant” plants (we’re seeing a lot of that in the area as we’ve had multiple drought years and water prices shooting through the roof) and while many of them are fairly common, there are a couple that I’m seeing for the first time.

Like this fuzzy, velvet red colored thing.

The bulbs on the end are trying to burst open with little flowers and pistles and stamens and possibly some tiny Alien xenomorph type things in there. (Look at how that thing on the left is peeling back and opening up. Did we not see this happening when Ash leaned over that pod?)

So even if it’s not full of xenomorph seeds, can this at least be a baby Triffid?

Something to drive away today’s gremlins would be appreciated. I’m not picky at this point. Apocalyptic horrors don’t seem that much worse than what we’re already chin-deep in every day.

Meh. They’re probably just odd little tough bright red desert flowers that went from having a range of a few miles out in Death Valley to being in every nursery in SoCal because of the luck of the draw.

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