ISS Pass – June 07th

The last good pass of this cycle over SoCal – but tonight we get to see the moon!

Image from

Rising in the northwest again but this time swinging due west and then to the south, passing right by the moon at about 21:10:20!

Five second exposures, combined with StarStax.

That’s a nice photo. Enough twilight and house lights to illuminate the trees and hills along with a five day old moon that’s about 27% illuminated.

But as I’m thinking about what’s coming next, I realize that I need to make a quick change as I move the camera. I’m going to be shooting right above a street light that’s only about twenty feet away…

…I quickly switched to 2.5 second exposures so the frames wouldn’t be over exposed by that street light. (Station starting from middle right, west southwest, and going to the lower left, due south.)

But in the end, with the ISS heading toward the horizon in the south, the street light had to be dealt with directly.

I don’t want to get rid of the street light – I would just like to be able to turn it off for a few minutes now and then. I’ll remember to turn it back on when I’m done – promise!

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  1. Ronnie

    Nice work dear

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