Wait! I Wasn’t Done Yet!

Toward the end of May there was an explosion of color in the rose bushes that line our driveway. (Here, here, here, here, here, and you can take it from here, right?) And that was pretty much it I assumed, since we didn’t see much rose activity last year when we moved in at about that same time of year.

But way, way down by the street (okay, it’s a matter of perspective – it’s not like this guy’s a mile away down at the end of the driveway from the Beverly Hillbillies) this week I saw this one, lone, bright yellow rose:

See him way, way down there? “Wait, wait! Why aren’t the rest of you blooming along with me? I wasn’t ready! I WASN’T DONE YET!!

So, brave little soldier that he was, despite being abandoned and left behind by the rest of the roses, he just…BURST!

(Is this picture sideways? The metadata says no, but my eyeballs say yes. Needs a 90° flip clockwise? Worth fiddling around with WordPress to try to figure out how to add a poll? Ermm…….no.)

So I won’t presume to state for the record that THIS was the last rose of the season. They’re doing just out of spite now. But I would note that the neighbor’s snapdragons are coming in nicely. Time to move along and share the stage, roses!

Thanks for all of the glorious colors!


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