Another Straw

One thing about last night’s ISS photos is that the field of view is a bit narrower than normal. I was using the generic 18-55mm zoom lens that came with the Canon Rebel XT when I got it in 2005, but I wasn’t using it pulled back to the 18mm setting to get the widest field of view. It was set zoomed in just a bit, at 24mm.

That’s not a preference – that’s a workaround to a lens that’s suddenly getting glitchy. I first noticed it about three weeks ago when we were up in Ventura and the camera kept jamming. I realized that it would only jam when the lens was set to the widest zoom. When zoomed in all the way, it was fine. I played with it a bit and found that there was a point where it would work if zoomed out more. So I’ve been using the lens in that somewhat limited way ever since.

Yesterday I was troubleshooting. I have multiple camera bodies, so it’s easy to tell if it’s the lens or the camera that was going bad.

Same lens, different camera bodies, same problem when used the same way. Seems that it’s the lens.

One more pain in the ass annoyance to deal with.

It’s not much compared to what you see in the evening news. (Assuming you can still stomach the evening news.) It’s a little bit of “first world problems.” (Okay, it’s a whole huge chunk, not a little bit.) If this should be the worst thing that happens this week (it already isn’t, not by a big stretch) I should be grateful. And worst case, the lens dies and has to be replaced, well, I got almost 14 years of heavy use out of it, literally tens of thousands of pictures.

And yet…

Another straw that this camel could live without.


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2 responses to “Another Straw

  1. Sometimes the big disasters are easier to cope with than the little annoyances.
    It isn’t logical, but it is often the case.

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