Again Look To The West After Sundown

For the next few days, the moon will be gorgeous and getting closer to Venus and then moving past it. If you didn’t see it tonight, look tomorrow, or Monday, or Tuesday…

Even early after sunset, way before it’s dark, you’ll spot the moon in the blue sky. It’s almost ludicrous how bright Venus is as well. I spotted it in the blue sky just a few minutes after sunset, when it was till plenty bright enough to read outside.

Tomorrow the moon will be a little more illuminated and will appear closer to where Venus is.

As it gets darker you’ll see other stars coming out. Just off to the left in this view is Orion, and just a bit higher than Venus you’ll see Castor and Pollux in the constellation Gemini.

To the left of the moon (on the left side of that palm tree) is Aldebaran. Once it gets a little bit more dark, you should be able to easily spot the Pleiades. (Remember?)

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