No Context For You – July 12th

FYI, iPhones cameras may be good (actually, about 100,000% better than they have any right to be) but still in pretty much the middle of the night at maximum zoom with nothing to focus on… not so much.

Just enough detail there to see what it must have been from yesterday morning (so, I guess that, technically, that’s context) but no sign of any comet.

No joy as well to see it in the evening sky tonight. There’s a hill over there that’s higher than ours, so we don’t have anything like a flat horizon, and when it got dark enough to see (30-40 minutes afters sunset) it would have already been down behind it.

The good news is that it’s going up about 3° per night, so by Tuesday or Wednesday the odds should be better. As long as the comet hasn’t dimmed significantly.

Happy hunting!

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Filed under Astronomy, Photography, Space

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