Dusk Clouds

Yesterday I had pictures of afternoon clouds, the first we’ve seen in weeks and weeks.

These are the clouds from dusk yesterday, just before it gets so dark that you can’t get the camera to autofocus on them. The color gradients are fantastic as the cloud layers lower down are grey, in shadow, while the layers higher up are still catching the odd sunbeam just as the sun disappears.

Today, as predicted, we had 103° here, with temps as high as 109° up in the Central Valley and in the mountains where the brush fires are burning.

And also as predicted, the relative humidity has dropped back down into the teens and the wind has picked up. For tomorrow it’s supposed to be even hotter, with no let up in sight. Bad, bad news for those on the front lines fighting the fires.

What that also means is power shortages as everyone who has air conditioning has it cranked up to eleven. Already tonight Pacific Gas & Electric up in Northern California and Southern California Edison down here are instituting rolling blackouts. A quarter million folks at a time will lose power for an hour or so, then the next group, then the next…

So far we haven’t heard any notices of rolling blackouts from LA Department of Water & Power, but we have to assume they’re coming. If you’re like me and on the computer (or multiple computers) all day long, remember the cardinal rule – save early and often!!


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