Afternoon Clouds

What’s been great for comet watching and ISS watching has been an almost total and complete lack of clouds for months.

Not today. We woke up to it being gloomy and grey, with scattered showers. (We didn’t see a drop.)

Apparently it’s the leftovers from Hurricane Elida, churning as a Category 2 storm off of Cabo San Lucas, a thousand miles to our south.

By afternoon the gloomy part had given way to white, puffy, happy little clouds from horizon to horizon.

And humidity. Something that we don’t have a lot of, but were grateful for today. There are several large fires forty to sixty miles to our east and north, right on the edge of the Los Angeles metro area, and the humidity helps keep the fire from spreading so quickly.

Those clouds on the horizon are neither white, puffy, happy, or in fact, water. That’s smoke.

Tomorrow and into the weekend it promises to dry back out, kick up the winds, and push up into triple digits. Hang on to your hats.

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