Puffy Cloud Panorama

After adrenaline comes the crash and exhaustion…

And then more adrenaline…

A couple of weather systems have been moving through SoCal this weekend, bringing the season’s first snow up over the Grapevine, a few showers around the area (I don’t think we’ve gotten a drop, damn it!) which can be hazardous and cause mudslides in those recently burned areas, made it windy as hell, and brought the temperatures way down near freezing at night.

It’s the winds that are probably responsible for knocking out the power three times at the office. Since it was out long enough and often enough to outlast all of the Uninterruptable Power Supplies and kill the server and my office computer, I got to panic and run in to bring everything online again so I can hit my deadlines for tomorrow.

It’s a hell of a drug.

So is sleep. Or so I hear, at least.

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