The Great Conjunction – December 17th

A clear night, a bit of wind but not bad. Compared to my friends in New England who are digging out from three or more feet of snow, it was balmy!

The moon has moved on, as is its wont. That whole celestial mechanics thing. It was lovely in the fading light.

As things got dark and the planets moved toward the horizon, you can see how close they’re getting. Four nights to go!

Click on it to see it full sized! Saturn is the dimmer one above, Jupiter the brighter one below, along with some of the Galilean moons. It looks like Callisto a ways away from Jupiter at the eleven o’clock position, with Ganymede close to the planet at four o’clock and Europa further away. Very, very close to Jupiter, lost in the glare inside of Ganymede is Io.

Closer tomorrow. This weekend for the closest approach I’ll have to make time to clean up the scope and get it out.

Clear skies!

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