The Great Conjunction – December 18th

The seeing was good, practice is helping with the eternal focusing issues, and it’s really late so here are some pictures! They’re good, so I’m going to give you the full resolution versions – click on them to see them full sized.

When the focus is good on the wide-angle lens, it’s wonderful. There are some lens flares from the street light just off to the left, but you can see how the Moon is now up and to the left of Jupiter and Saturn, while they’re getting closer to the horizon. Don’t worry, they’ll still be easy to see for the next couple of weeks, but don’t dawdle after sunset!

The Moon is looking fine.

The Moon being there and bright helps to focus accurately and then move over to the stars of the show. Full sized you can easily see all four Galilean moons around Jupiter – Io at the lower right, outward from the planet at the upper left are Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto way out there. On Twitter, there’s a simple bot that posts the current positions every three hours.



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2 responses to “The Great Conjunction – December 18th

  1. Saw them and got a photo tonight! Had to wait for coulds to pass them by, though, and the photo isn’t worth enlarging, because then you see the camera shake – but it’s okay!

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