In Transit To A Different Phase

A week ago these were gorgeous, stunning. Now…

…it seems to me that they’re still stunningly gorgeous.

Beauty and worth are not binary, yes or no, on or off.

The colors might have faded, the blooms wilted… But think of the invisible judgement inherent in those words. “Faded.” “Wilted.”

They’re still colorful, elegantly textured, incredibly complex natural constructs.

They’re just in transit to a different phase of their existence. It might no longer pigeonhole conveniently into our arbitrary definition of beauty – but they are still beautiful.

How many other things in the world around us are in the same position?


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2 responses to “In Transit To A Different Phase

  1. They look great 🙂 A dried flower arrangement to be proud of.

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  2. Ronnie

    Agree they are still beautiful

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