I’ve mentioned just how much I enjoy hearing the big 747 jumbo jets (usually cargo runs to Asia) coming out of LAX and flying right over our house several times a day. The other interesting thing to me is just how attuned I am to hearing that really deep, bass rumble as they go overhead.

(Image: Flightradar24 app)

On this day, the one I heard was shown in red, with its flight path indicated. But when I saw that, I saw another one following it (circled, over Santa Monica Bay). So I grabbed the camera. (DUH!)

I spotted it coming up from the south, probably just off of the Malibu coast, about fourteen miles away.

Closing fast and climbing.

From the first picture to the last, less than two minutes passed.

As with the Vogon Destructor Fleet, jumbo jets float there the same way that bricks don’t. (In this case it has a lot to do with thrust and lift…)

Right overhead.

Almost into the Sun. I can see the headlines now…

“Local man goes blind looking at Sun through telescopic lens while taking pictures of ordinary cargo jet out of LAX – stupidity expected to be involved.”

Off it goes to the north.

Finally vanishing from view off to north, again, probably fifteen to twenty miles to the north, right about…

(Image: Flightradar 24 app)

…here! Off to Inchon in South Korea. Hopefully a boring thirteen hours!



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2 responses to “Jumbos

  1. Makes me think I should post that sequence of planes coming into Heathrow over my brother’s house some time 🙂

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    • There’s an ad on TV here with a clueless couple where the punch line is her opening the drapes and revealing that they bought a house that’s five feet off of the end of the runway with jumbo jets taking off over their house all day long.

      That looks IDEAL to me, but I might not be their target demographic.


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