Monsoonal Flow

As pretty much everyone in North America west of the Mississippi knows, it’s been hot as Hell all week.

In this neck of the woods there’s also been some moisture coming up from a tropical storm off of Baja, so it hasn’t been a dry heat.

As the moist air hits the coast it rises a bit and starts to form clouds – as it hits the mountains, it rises a lot and starts to form thunderheads.

As much as we could use the rain (we’re in a massive drought, bordering on outright emergency conditions), all we usually get is lightning – which, added to the heat and drought, is threatening to make this a brush fire season that’s worse than last year, and last year was the worst EVER on record.

Going to be a long summer, folks.

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One response to “Monsoonal Flow

  1. And we’ve just gone from 85 on Wed to 60 today, and had three months worth of rain in 36 hours.
    But as we hadn’t had any rain for a month, it sank in pretty quick if it didnt run straight off.
    I’ve got my woolly socks on and I’m feeling cold. 😦

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