How much of our world is random? How much can be planned for and foreseen?

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How much control can we have and how much do we just think (incorrectly) we have?

Despite all of our best efforts and intentions, how much is every decision just a bet with incomplete information and inaccurate assumptions?

And most importantly, does it matter? Do we just need to push on, doing our best, getting up when we’re knocked down, refusing to give up even when we know the game is random at best, rigged against us at worst, because for all of that it’s still the only game in town?

Yep, one of those deep thought nights. Sorry for being boring and “emo.” Just doing the best I can and pushing on.

But it would be nice every now and then to get a clue that it’s all working and not just a completely random outcome of 13,700,000,000 years of molecular Brownian motion and a handful of laws of physics.

I guess that’s what religion is for, and we all I know I’m not going down THAT road. Been there. Done that. It’s worse.

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One response to “Randomness

  1. I think it depends on how much you trust your inklings and gut feel. And how often the dice roll in your favour.


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