Playing With iPhone 13 Night Mode

I continue to find time to “play” with some of the new camera features of the iPhone 13, not just to learn what it will do and how to do it, but to see if I can push those boundaries and find interesting or different ways to force it to do something unexpected. Thus the term “play.”

Tonight’s idea was to go someplace dark, really dark, and then figure out how it’s supposed to work to give you a really good picture in really low light (it’s pretty cool how it works and how well it works, letting some very smart processing deal with the digital image in real time) and then making the built-in functions keep telling me “Don’t do that!” and trying to drive that processing AI a bit mad.

The results can be spectral.

In short, in low light the camera is doing a long exposure and using digital magic to erase any motion that would blur the long image. I deliberately move the camera – up, down, left, right, sideways, spinning, tilting, closer, further away. And see what happens.

I particularly like this one – not sure where the bright purple spots came from, but they add another level of interesting objects to the image.

Cool “toy.” Fun “play.”

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