Three Planets And One (Visible) Moon

Again playing with the iPhone 13 Night Mode, this time with the wide-angle lens and the top of the mailbox as a crude tripod, or at least a steady surface.

(Click to make it bigger – it’s worth it!)

From left to right, that really bright light is the moon (coming up on full in a couple days), Jupiter (directly above the big tree on the left), Saturn (slightly dimmer, just to the left of that line of light in the center), and Venus (very bright, right over the neighbor’s roof on the right).

Blow up the picture and you see that there’s some trailing on the stars from the long exposure. But look at the top of the telephone pole right in the center – surrounding it is the “teapot” of Capricorn. And surrounding Venus is the “head” of Scorpius with Antares being the brightest star.

Not bad for the next step up from 100% handheld. I wonder what happens if I actually use a tripod? Maybe tomorrow night…

Oh, that “line of light in the center?” While often in my pictures that might be the ISS, not tonight. That’s SkyWest Airlines flight #5752 from LAX to Sacramento.

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