What DOES Starlight Taste Like?

An unusual quirk of mine – I don’t drink coffee.

(I’ll pause for the wailing and shocked outrage to calm down.)

My caffeine substrate of choice is Diet Coke. I drink a couple a day, which is a lot better than in my youth when I could drink six, eight, ten or more a day. Ah, youth…

I was intrigued when I heard that Coke has a special new flavor for a limited time. “Coke Starlight.”

They had some in the grocery store finally this morning. Okay.

I’m pretty sure it won’t actually taste like space. I base that conclusion on the fact that smell and taste are closely associated, and we actually DO know what space smells like. Short version, a little like cordite or gunpowder, or maybe burnt steak. I’m willing to bet in advance that won’t be what Coke aims for with this.

Let’s give it a try!

Um… probably not going to be my favorite, but not bad. Despite the fact that this version is “Zero Sugar,” it tastes quite sweet. The flavor to me was familiar, but it took a couple of swigs before my brain could ignore what my eyes and hands were doing and filter out just what the taste was.

Cupcakes with vanilla frosting. To me at least, that’ exactly what it tasted like.

So, experiment concluded with acceptable results. Not something I’m going to regret seeing gone if it truly is a limited time special edition, but if someplace doesn’t have Diet Coke, this would be an acceptable substitute for a meal.

And SO MUCH better than Diet Pepsi as a substitute. Bleah! That crap is horrible!!


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