I lesson I’ve learned but need to remember and use in times of need has to do with being “stuck.”

Let’s say things aren’t working, or at least, not working well.

Something needs to change, but you’re not sure what.

You’re caught up in the “fog of war,” so to speak.

You’re concerned that you could do the wrong thing and make things worse.

So, you do nothing, which in and of itself could well be making things worse.

What to do?


Maybe you’re not moving in the ideal direction.

There’s a potential for you to be moving in the worst possible direction.

But if you do a quick gut check, think about what you know and don’t know, and make your best possible decision, the odds are it will be at least somewhat better.

And even if it’s not fantastic, even if it is worse, you can see that from a different perspective and correct course.

Triangulate. Get new data.

Change the variables.

Flip the problem on its head.

Get some tiny part of the puzzle taken care of and set aside, see what new avenues that opens up.

It’s like playing a game where every move affects all other potential moves.

Somewhere in there is a solution, a path.

But if you can’t see that path now, MOVE!

Find a different perspective, the view that will show you the next part of the maze.

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