Ceiling Aurora

For Christmas I got a wonderful little thingamabob, a night light that projects “aurora” on the ceiling.

“Aurora-like” might be more accurate, but it’s lovely and I like it a lot. It’s sort of like a kaleidoscope in night light form, constantly shifting and sending out varying curtains and streamers of red, blue, purple, and green light all over the ceiling.

The blue spot on the right is from the night light built into a fan. Combined, it’s quite the effect.

It’s not nearly as bright as this makes it seem – we do need to sleep, after all. But the lights are quite visible, especially when your eyes get dark adapted, and it works well as a night light (which is, after all, its original function) when my middle-aged body has to wander out of bed several times a night.

Very pretty. Very peaceful. Very relaxing.

And I’m a lot less likely to break a toe at 3:13 AM! We’re all happy about that.

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One response to “Ceiling Aurora

  1. In the UK we call thingamabobs, thingamajigs!


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