Random Old Photos – April 18th

June, 2010. Such a different world it seems.

San Francisco, as seen from near the shore in Berkeley. A couple of careers ago, almost twelve years, a vastly different zeitgeist ago.

That project, that company, that career, that world, all gone. And yet not gone, all now just a little piece of the whole that makes up today’s puzzle.

No matter how much we want to know why, some days we just have to keep moving without an answer. Days like today.


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2 responses to “Random Old Photos – April 18th

  1. Ah, so now I know roughly where Berkeley is. Before I just knew it was in California 🙂
    And yes. Twelve years is a different world away. It was just about to change here, because of the election that put the Tories back in. All our climate change progress wiped out in an instant.


    • Yep! Berkeley is part of “The Bay Area” – San Francisco on the coast to the west, Oakland and Berkeley on the east side of San Francisco Bay to the east, San Jose down at the south end, Marin County & wine country up to the north. Sacramento (state capitol) is about 85 miles inland. All of that is about 350 miles north of the Southern California (SoCal) part of the state with Los Angeles, Long Beach, Riverside, Orange County, Ventura County, and San Diego covering hundreds and hundreds of square miles from Santa Barbara all the way south to the Mexican border.

      It’s a big state.


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