Total Lunar Eclipse – Were You Watching?

I worried all day about clouds.

It’s been clear and a million for several days – today it was about 90% overcast when I went grocery shopping in the morning and stayed bad most of the day.

It turned out that the trees would be my nemeses. The clouds cleared about 16:00 and it was clear by the time that the moon rose about fifteen minutes after the partial phase of the eclipse began.

I had forgotten just how obstructed the view can be to the east. Here’s the wide view a half-hour or so into totality, viewed through a hole in the pines, with the west end of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley below, along with a video camera and my iPhone which was doing a Live Stream on FaceBook.

Zoomed in as far as the wide angle, “light bucket” lens will take us. Yes, the Moon was that much of a gorgeous, copper red tonight.

Now I’m exhausted and need to grab something to eat before collapsing into bed. I just got all of the equipment back into the house. I took a quick peek at the pictures from the camera with the telephoto lens and I think there’s some really good stuff in there for sharing later in the week.

There’s also that Live Stream on my FaceBook timeline. I pretty much left it running for over two and a half running, but most of that time it was unattended. I would come back to it and narrate and actually point the camera every ten or fifteen minutes, and there’s plenty of me blathering and nattering onward. There’s also long stretches where it may or may not show random anything but I think you can fast forward to the next good stuff. Your mileage may vary.

I hope you got to see the eclipse! If you didn’t, I hope you got to watch a NASA live feed or something from an observatory.

Finally, my undying thanks to everyone who took a minute to tune into my FaceBook Live feed! I hope you found something useful and/or entertaining there.


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