An Uncommon View

Well, not for the folks who work there, of course! But for me it was a chance to admire a view I rarely get.

On the 20th floor of a skyscraper at 7th & Flower in downtown LA. A block away, on Figueroa, the tallest building is the Intercontinental Hotel. For reference, the Music Center is off to our right about six blocks, while the Arena (aka “Staples”) is off to the left four blocks.

It was cloudy & gloomy, but the view was still great.

Looking north. A lot of these buildings have pools and restaurants on top. They’re apartments and condos, not just office buildings.

Peering off into the distance is Hollywood. Through the haze, just above and slightly to the right of the black building in the distance you can see the Hollywood Sign.

I was here for a work “meet & greet” event. I had a good time, talked to a lot of nice folks. Just one… little… problem…

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