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Racing The Sunset

Big jet. Sunset.

Very high. Very fast.

Oh, to be headed wherever they’re all going.

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Sunset Again

It’s a few days past the autumn solstice and we had just enough clouds and atmospheric smoke and dust to make the sunset interesting.

Meanwhile, the incoming Hurricane Ian that’s about to hit Florida made my day “interesting.”

Our payroll provider is in the Tampa Bay area. Our payroll would normally be processed Wednesday & Thursday.

So we played “52 pickup” with my work schedule for the week.

Happy Monday!

At least the clouds were pretty for ten minutes.

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Less Color, More Texture

The colorful, vibrant sunsets get all of the attention, but tonight we just had some faded pastels. On the other hand, there were some bits of clouds and the textures were sublime.

It will do.

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The Sandman

Watch it. Now. Immediately. Then watch it again.

Unless you’ve been in a coma, you’ve probably heard of a new Netflix series, “The Sandman,” which is based on Neil Gaiman’s classic graphic novels of the same name.

Watch it.

We finished the first season tonight, it’s utterly spectacular.

Once you’ve watched it, watch it again. You’ll be catching yourself saying, “Wait, was that…? Is she the same person as…?” It ties together SOOOOO well, the casting is perfect, it’s so incredibly well acted, the visuals are so astonishing – amazing work all around.

No spoilers, just trust me. And if you can make it through Episode Six with dry eyes, we probably can’t be friends.

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A sunset picture of a slightly different nature.

Looking due south, with the sun setting off to our right, a number of houses on the hillsides of Woodland Hills and Calabasas will catch the setting sun just right. The glint and reflections can be quite bright.

The hills between here and Malibu, centered around Saddle Peak with the array of microwave towers on top of it, are also quite lovely. Especially when they’re not on fire.

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When The Conditions Are Right Again

It’s been a while since we had a decent sunset here. There have been clouds now and then (see the “Skyscapes” posts of the last month or three), days when it’s totally clouded over (but no rain AT ALL, at least not here), and lots of days when it’s “clear and a million.”

Down along the shore there have been some nice sunset pictures from San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara, and on up the coast.

But here, in “The Valley” – not much.

Until tonight.

Not the best ever, but not bad.

Not the same as getting the finest of wines, but to someone parched and panting, a cold glass of water can be exquisite!


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Moon Above The Belt

The waxing moon is bright in the sky just before sunset last night

…while at the horizon the Belt of Venus was very dark and purple (much more than shows here) with the bright pink band above it.

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An Excellent Sunset

On this somewhat disturbing day, especially in the US, there was a very, very nice sunset in LA.

(Click image to see it in full-sized and in all of its gloriosity!)

A bit after quarter moon up there on the left above the semi-shredded tree, all the way around past 180º to the pink, cotton candy puffs above the garage.

Thanks, powers that be! I needed that today.

Tomorrow’s another day to be brave, even if we don’t feel brave.

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Cloudy Dusk

And so it was. After almost a week of 90°+ temperatures, it cooled off quite a bit yesterday, and tonight it was downright brisk, mid-50’s. With some coastal clouds and fog rolling it, it was lovely, and would have been more lovely if I had a sweatshirt or jacket instead of a T-shirt on. Good thing I wasn’t out there long, I’m not a fan of being cold.

I hope your upcoming work week is pleasant, or at least tolerable. Even when we have jobs which we enjoy and find fulfilling and people to work with who we find to be complementary teammates (a position I am fortunate enough to find myself in), there are still going to be days when you have to grit your teeth and just power through.

May your teeth this week be ungritted!

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Serenity, Courage, And Wisdom

I am quite vocally not a fan of organized religion and a card-carrying atheist, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize anything good at all coming from various religions. Look through my past posts about cathedrals, church architecture, and pictures of stained glass, for example. I’ve also found a number of excellent intellectual and philosophical concepts that are expressed in religious terms. For example, the Serenity Prayer, which you are probably familiar with:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

These days, with all that’s going on in the world, I’m struggling with all three segments of the assignment, but I think the most important is the third.

Without that wisdom it’s way too easy to just freak out about everything, while so much of “everything” we have so little control over. What I’m finding in my own frazzled nerves when I can step back, take a breath, and grab a glimpse of the bigger picture is that things I can’t control at all (i.e., the extent of Putin’s insanity, the future of COVID variants, etc.) take up way too much of my mental energy. This isn’t to say that there’s nothing that can be done about those threats, but that wisdom needs to be invoked so that intelligent, informed decisions can be made about prioritizing individual details into the first two categories.

MUCH easier said than done. I understand.

Just keep doing the work every day. Despite the almost overwhelming displays of evil and danger around us, there is beauty all around us if we remember to look. And there are good people out there to help. We are not alone.

As a side note, I think that I’ve referred to this prayer in the past as being from St. Francis of Assisi. That’s what I remember from my Catholic school days, and I’m apparently not alone with that mistake, but:

  1. There’s a different prayer that’s commonly called “The Prayer of Saint Francis,” and;
  2. It’s not from Saint Francis either.

The things I learn doing a bit of quick research for this site!

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