Panoramas: Spring Is Coming

Lest all of my friends in Boston and Massachusetts (Hi, Peter! Hi, Debbie!) despair of ever finding the bottom of the snow drifts that have them marooned in their own homes, so that they don’t all think that Eddard Stark was the one true prophet, here’s a picture from today at Camarillo Airport following yesterday’s “relentless drizzle”:



By the way, have I mentioned how much I like the “pano” feature on the new iPhones? It’s fast, easy, intuitive, and you save all the time of having to stitch together individual photo frames. You can then immediately email it, post it, or upload it.

The only negative I’ve found so far is that you can’t do a full 360° panorama. Plus, stitching together a ton of high-resolution individual photo frames will give you a MUCH more detailed panorama.

However, the trade-off for speed and ease is worth it. Plus, of course, I also had my “good” camera with me and took the frames I need for that full-sized panorama.


iPhone panorama (top) is 6816 x 1479 (10.1 megapixels). This version is slightly “smoother”, for example, if you look at the far edge of the taxiway in front of me.

Panorama from nine frames of 3888 x 2592 (10.0 megapixels) each combine to an image of 13,386 x 2,290 (30.6 megapixels).  This version has much better dynamic range (items in shadow show up much better) and viewed full-sized (click on either image) it’s a much more detailed picture.

Both are great for what they do and what their strong points are. Neither is perfect.

But the bottom picture does have that fantastic Socata TBM 700 taxiing by at the far left. (And the resolution to be able to read the N-number!)  NICE plane!

Chin up, Southern New England!


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3 responses to “Panoramas: Spring Is Coming

  1. Spring? I’m still waiting for winter. While we’ve got 70 degrees here the north-east has had 70 inches.

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