Pre-Dawn RDU Takeoff

Almost two hours before dawn as we taxied out from the terminal. Nothing to see outside except the bright lights on the buildings in the distance, the blue taxiway lights, the red warning lights, the red and yellow directional signs, and the green runway edge lights.

Why would anyone bother to point the camera out the window? What could possibly happen? What possible benefit could there be?

IMG_5099 small

IMG_5100 small

IMG_5101 small

IMG_5103 small

IMG_5108 small

IMG_5111 small

IMG_5112 small

IMG_5113 small

IMG_5114 small

IMG_5115 small

IMG_5116 small

Time stretches out, fueled by the speed and the lack of sleep. Then we’re into the clouds and darkness.


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2 responses to “Pre-Dawn RDU Takeoff

  1. Trippy shots 🙂 I love clouds so always have the camera pressed against the window when flying.

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    • With the window shade open (while all the others are closed) and that repeated “click” the DSLR makes as the mirror snaps up & back, I’ve been asked (sometimes politely) by strangers sitting in front or in back of me, “Are you going to be doing that the whole flight?”

      Why, yes! Yes I am. Thank you for asking!


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