Sunday In DC Snapshots

Number One issue this week with trying to keep up on this site – hotel internet that sucks, sucks, sucks. Aside from the fact that it’s running at barely 2 Mbps download and only 0.28 Mbps upload, that’s when it’s actually up. I can always connect – but it freezes or locks up and I have to re-connect every five minutes or so.

Note to self – Self, add to the travel checklist, “Check internet & wi-fi speed and Yelp comments before booking hotel!”

Final day of sightseeing, glorious weather, one really sore toe with a blister, but some great sights. More, of course, when I get back home and can actually connect and post something like this in a half hour rather than in three hours.


Treasury Department


Eisenhower Executive Office Building


White House


White House


Washington Monument in the warm sun instead of ungodly cold & rain


Jefferson Memorial. First time I’ve ever visited here.

IMG_8768Jefferson Memorial


Jefferson Memorial. I love this picture.


From the steps of the Jefferson Memorial, across the Tidal Basin full of paddle boats, you can see the White House through the trees to the left of the Washington Monument.


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2 responses to “Sunday In DC Snapshots

  1. I always use tripadvisor before booking in. The last road trip I took I stayed in a place that had the fastest free internet I’ve come across to-date. I left my review on tripadvisor and highlighted the fast internet service for other travelers information. Great photographs of Jefferson Memorial 🙂

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