Saturday In DC Snapshots

So much to talk about in more detail about all of this! So, so late getting back to the hotel every night! So, so, so sick of the hotel internet being about as fast as a 9600 baud modem (google it, kids) and dropping out every couple of minutes. Trying to upload photos is so slow that it’s like watching grass grow.

I found myself back at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum today. Not that I really needed a big excuse, but I had heard that there was a certain Canadian astronaut, musician, and author who would be there signing his two books. I figured there might be an hour or more wait, but it would be worth it anyway. Instead, it was a twenty minute wait and there was time to actually chat for a minute or two about his work, the CAF, his F-86 Saber jet, and his concerts with Amanda Palmer.

If that’s not a highlight in a week full of highlights, I don’t know what would be!

Then, of course, as long as I was already there and there were a few galleries that I hadn’t seen yesterday… And where yesterday the HUGE Robert McCall mural in the main hallway had been mostly covered up by curtains hiding construction equipment, today it was there to be seen in all of its glory… And then, since there are other things in DC besides NASA Socials and museums and monuments, I met The Long-Suffering Sister-In-Law for a dance performance at her daughter’s college.

And now it’s again after 1:45 AM local and the wi-fi just went out for the 100th time… Snapshots, just snapshots for now.

IMG_7115 small

IMG_7129 small









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