Jewels In The Sunset, July 3rd

And now, having passed in the night (literally), Jupiter and Venus move apart again until next time. (Which is next year.)

Wednesday, July 1st

01_IMG_8604 small

It was mostly cloudy. Good for moody, spooky pictures of the moon rising, not so good for watching planets.

Thursday, July 2nd

02_IMG_8674 small

Back to “clear and a million” in Southern California.

03_IMG_8694 small

Dusk is a magical hour for photography. Jupiter’s heading quickly toward the sun from our perspective while Venus is following more slowly. Relative to Venus, Jupiter was at about 11:00 a week ago, now below 3:00.

04_IMG_3726 small

Still no good, detailed, focused close-up pictures, but even when it’s a bit fuzzy you can still see some of Jupiter’s moons.

Friday, July 3rd

05_IMG_8769 small

Everything’s silhouetted against the twilight.

06_IMG_8771 small

The planets peek out from behind the infamous palm tree.

07_IMG_3772 small

And again, Galilean moons start to pop out as the lights fade.

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