Point Mugu Airshow – Part 2 – Static CAF Aircraft

Wednesday I shared pictures of our CAF SoCal aircraft flying at last month’s Point Mugu airshow. Today let’s look at the first batch of static aircraft (i.e., aircraft sitting on the ground) from that airshow. Most of these are from the CAF, but not the SoCal Wing.


This is from the CAF SoCal wing, our F8F Bearcat. You can also see the nose of our P-51 Mustang on the right hand side. I show this picture to note the SoCal Wing didn’t have any static aircraft at Point Mugu this time. The five aircraft we had were all flying and thus parked on the “hot ramp.”

Planes on the hot ramp can be seen by the public, but only from a distance. About a hundred yards off on the left, over by the C-53 (big, green airplane; see below), you can see a fence behind which people are standing. The general public and active aircraft don’t mix well and safety’s really important at an airshow, so planes with turning propellers and popping engines and large fuel loads are kept by themselves.


Also way off by themselves, for looking only, are the F-18s the Blue Angels fly. Again, a hot ramp, but theirs is right out in front where everyone can see them.

If you’re going to your first show, know the flight line is the place to grab a seat if you can. Generally, there will be fencing lining a long stretch more or less parallel to the main runway. The closer you can get to that fence, the better your view will be. Also, it will (hopefully) be sunny, so check the restrictions for the show you’re going to to see what you can bring in as far as umbrellas (usually okay) or pop-up pavilions or tents (usually not).


Two PT-22 Ryan trainers came out from the CAF Inland Empire Wing. These are “big brothers” to the PT-19 trainer that we have at the SoCal Wing, which I got to take a ride in last weekend.


I’ve shown these planes flying at our Wings Over Camarillo airshow, both this year and last year. (Different years, different pictures, same planes, same formation.)


Also from the CAF Inland Empire Wing are the aforementioned C-53 Skytrooper, “D-Day Doll,” and their Piper L-4 scout plane, tucked under the C-53’s wing on the left.


The C-53 is a variant on the C-47 cargo plane, with the C-53 modified to be utilized as a platform for dropping paratroopers.

The Inland Empire Wing has their facility out in Riverside, CA, and just as we do at the SoCal Wing, they sell rides in their aircraft, including D-Day Doll.


This German ME-108 is also a CAF aircraft (see the logo right above the wing at the rear of the cockpit window) brought out by the Third Pursuit Squadron.

Remember at the top I mentioned the hot ramp and the fence that separates it from the static aircraft and crowd? This picture is taken from the opposite viewpoint, with the fence right behind the ME-108’s tail and one of our aircraft off in the distance on the hot ramp. Just for reference.


The Third Pursuit Squadron operates out of Cable Airport in Upland and also brought out their Antonov AN-2, “Big Pandamonium.”


I’ve also posted pictures of Big Panda in flight at last year’s Wings Over Camarillo airshow. I have yet to get a flight in her, but hope to soon. She’s been out visiting in Camarillo several times in addition to her WOC appearances.

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