Raising Steel (Part Seven)

It’s been three weeks since my last update on the new hangars being built at the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Southern California Wing in Camarillo. At that point the ramp outside of the new hangars had started to be re-paved and the frame for the huge hangar doors were being installed. A lot of progress has been made since then.

File Oct 29, 20 51 05 small

Looking from just outside of the existing maintenance hangar, you can see that the hangar doors have been completed.

File Oct 29, 20 51 54 small

Looking from just inside the taxiway border (don’t want to cross over, they’ll bust you and fine you!) this panorama shows the existing museum and maintenance hangars, and the large new hangar extending out toward the taxiway. The black asphalt of the newly paved area also stands out.

File Oct 29, 20 52 59 small

The bi-fold doors will scissors upward, leaving us plenty of room to even get our PBJ (B-25 variant) in and out with minimal trouble. I almost said “easily,” but moving a bomber of that size around is never really “easy.”

File Oct 29, 20 53 37 small

Walking westward down the ramp toward the control tower, this view looks toward the back side of our new hangar. At the far right you can see the third bi-fold hangar door, which leads into the area being leased by the local EAA chapter.

File Oct 29, 20 54 45 small

Inside, at the north end, next to the taxiway, you get a great sense of how big this new facility is. In the distance on the right, just behind the parked truck, is the partially completed wall separating our portion of the hangar from the EAA’s.

File Oct 29, 20 55 15 small

A panorama from the inside, showing the closed hangar doors.

File Oct 29, 20 57 39 small

Looking back from the other end, the EAA partition behind me, you can see the support pillars which separate the area where we’ll be storing and working on planes from the area where we’ll have our workbenches, storage areas, machinery, and so on.

Plumbing and electrical are going in now (restrooms for our hangar, for the EAA, and one that leads to the outside for use by the airport staff and other pilots who have hangars in the area), along with the fire suppression system and other utilities. Before we start moving planes and equipment in we’re also going to have the floor coated and sealed to protect it.

It’s coming along nicely – we’ll definitely be in by the end of December. Will we be able to get everything else wrapped up and in at the beginning of December? We’ll see. We have our fingers crossed.

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