Steel Rising (Part Six)

Eight weeks ago we started raising steel for our new hangars at the CAF SoCal location in Camarillo. Six weeks ago the longitudinal beams were up, four weeks ago the roof was on and concrete was ready to pour, three weeks ago the exterior walls were being installed, and two weeks ago interior walls were going up.

IMG_1707 small

By last Thursday, October 1st,  all of the old ramp asphalt had been ripped up and grading begun for the new asphalt.

IMG_1709 small

(Click for full-sized image.) Our two existing hangars on the left, 2/3 of the new hangars on the right. (The other third abuts the right-hand, old hangar.)

IMG_1737 small

By Tuesday, October 6th, the final prep had begun for the area to be re-paved. It was a bit of a pain to have this unpaved for several days – any planes we needed to fly over that period had to be taken out before the asphalt was ripped up and then parked elsewhere on the airport for the duration.

IMG_1742 small

The last big chunks of the hangar exteriors were going up – the huge, folding doors.

IMG_1743 small

On Tuesday they only got the top half sections hung.

IMG_1786 small

Today, the frames for these hangar doors were done and they were working on the third door, which is on the other side off to the left, leading off from the EAA’s portion of the hangar onto the ramp out on the back side of this hangar.

IMG_1790 small

The first huge swaths of new asphalt were going in, which should allow us to move our planes in and out normally again tomorrow.

IMG_1791 small

For the record, it was 91°F in Camarillo today, and that asphalt was a lot hotter than that as it was being laid down. You could feel the heat radiating from it twenty feet away. I do not envy this guy that job.

IMG_1792 small

Here’s a detail of the new folding doors – for scale, look at the two workers inside on the left. We have some big airplanes, we need some big doors on big hangars!

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