Point Mugu Airshow – Part 5 – Even More Static Military Aircraft

Following pictures of  flying CAF SoCal aircraftstatic CAF aircraft, and static civilian aircraft, plus a first batch of static military aircraft, it’s time for one more batch before we get to the main course.


Perhaps not strictly military in this iteration, this is the Breitling Jet Team prior to their takeoff. They put on an exceptionally good show.


A C-130 cargo plane with four big turboprop engines.


The front of a helicopter, with a big camera platform hanging off the nose.


That same helicopter from the side, with one of the propeller blade coming at us like a cheezy 3-D movie. I’m about 99% sure this is a Blackhawk, but if I’m a member of the 1%, someone will correct me, I’m sure. (That’s one of the reasons the Internet was invented.)


An A-6 Intruder.


Again, perhaps not strictly military at the moment, this MK-58 Hawker Hunter is one of many owned by a company called ATAC. They fly these as targets in military training flights, among other things.


Another C-130 variant?


A C-17 cargo jet. These things are freakin’ huge. Not quite as freakin’ huge as a C-5 Galaxy, but there’s huge and then there’s huger, if you know what I mean.


It’s a treat to watch a C-17 demonstration. Even with a full load these things can take off in an obscenely short distance, even on an unpaved runway or remote site. Better yet, they can land on that unpaved runway or remote site in the first place, then stop on a dime and give you nine cents change.

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