Back At The Hangar – This Place Looks Familiar!

After two years of being out at the CAF hangar in Camarillo (jeez, just hit the “CAF'” category on the right or put the word “hangar” into the search box, prepare to be inundated) pretty much three days a week minimum, occasionally more, occasionally much more, it was odd this week to not be going out there.

Mind you, assuming you’ve been paying attention, this is AN EXTREMELY GOOD THING because it meant I was having a wonderful time (really, I wouldn’t BS you – well, okay, we all know that’s BS too and I would, but in this case I’m not – promise – see, this is me grinning ear to ear in an extremely honest and convincing fashion!) in my first week at my new job. In addition, much of what I do as CAF SoCal Finance Officer can be done by email, phone, at at home, which is in fact what was happening in the evenings.

I know, I’m rambling. Sorry. (See, there was some of that BS I was talking about earlier!)

Rather than my usual five or six hours at the hangar on Saturday, today turned into a nine-hour-plus day. Not surprising, in part because all of my dear friends there wanted to hear all about the new job thing, but also because I had to catch up on a whole week of stuff that I couldn’t do from home.

Have I lost you yet?

Anyway, aside from my issues and work load and narcissistic, self-centered point of view, we had a nice presentation today regarding our Zero fighter . This was timed to coincide (sorta) with Monday’s anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which brought the United States into World War II.

I was busy during the presentation (see above comments about catching up on a week’s work) but will watch it later since our website and public relations guys were using two of my video cameras to record it. Later in the afternoon though, it was time to fly! After the obligatory little glitches, obviously. For that, I pried myself away from the computer and out onto the ramp.

We launched our Zero and our P-51 Mustang to fly together, since they were the dominant fighters for the Japanese and United States. Despite the fact that it was windy and getting more windy fast (15 knots, gusting to 20 maybe?), and the fact that there were all of a sudden about two dozen planes lined up to take off and a couple dozen more coming in to land, which is a very busy day at Camarillo, we got up, waited for a little bit of the air traffic to abate, and then made four passes with the two planes.

Like this:

You can hear the wind gusting about, but better yet, you can hear the roar of those big engines!


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  1. Jemima Pett

    Glad you’re having a good time!

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