It Loses Something In The Translation

Tonight I’m out of time and out of gas, just wanted to write a quick paragraph about some stupid thing I’ve noticed driving around LA in the last few days. But who wants to be normal, so in a desperate attempt to be original I took the title “Out Of Time” and stuck it in Google Translate (English to Russian), which came up with:


Of course, being a numbers dude and needing to proof and double check everything (and not actually knowing a word of Russian), before I went ahead with the post I wanted to see if a curious reader could guess that it was Russian, stick it back into Google Translate or some such, and get the original meaning.

This does not work.

While I wanted a translation for “out of time,” as in, “The day’s been really busy and I’m really short on sleep and I have run out of time,” instead it translate to “untimely.”

Which made me laugh way too hysterically. It might be time to get some sleep.


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3 responses to “It Loses Something In The Translation

  1. I don’t think you can put 100% trust in Google Translate!

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  2. It’s great fun doing things like that – even with a dictionary! If you once learnt the language but have forgotten it, you can use Google to translate something, then read it through and correct it, or better still, have someone who speaks the language translate it. That’s how I did my French and German author pages on Amazon. I knew some of the words Google had come up with weren’t right, but the phrasing wasn’t right either.
    The funniest ones are where I use the Facebook translation (mainly for guinea pig posts) – it translates what I understand and doesnt understand the things I wanted the translator for!

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