Trash Pandas

I don’t remember which of my friends on FaceBook used this term the other day, but it cracked me up and I found it to be perfect. (Yes, I’m easily amused.)

One of the reasons it caught my attention was the return of Rocky & Raquel. Some nights they’re back with several of their friends. Their orgies/rumbles can be quite loud at time.

The other night I tried sticking my camera on a long monopod along with the remote trigger I normally use for astrophotography, then holding it up above the back porch roof to see if I could catch the rascals in action. I wasn’t sure if it would work, since it was really dark and that gives the camera nothing to focus on. Sometimes it takes several tries for it to find something vaguely in focus and trigger the flash.

IMG_2711 small

The Christmas lights were still up at the time, so the camera (with the telephoto lens) liked finding and focusing on the big palm tree out in the front yard.

IMG_2715 small

The corner of the garage roof was a popular target for the autofocus.

IMG_2713 small

This guy’s not in focus, but his eyes make excellent reflectors!

IMG_2714 small

No paparazzi!!


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