Many Warbirds On The Ramp Today

T’was a very long day at the hangar, but as with the long days at the new office, a very long day was not necessarily a very bad one, or even a not good one. (A subtle, but important, distinction.)

There were a lot of planes out on the ramp today (click on the picture to blow it up nice and big!):


From left to right are our green A6M3 “Zero,” a grey T-6 “Texan” that was visiting from the Condor Squadron out of Van Nuys Airport, the blue F6F “Hellcat,” our brown and green camouflage Mk XVI “Spitfire,” our P-51 “Mustang,”, our C-46 “Commando,” the AAF’s C-47 “Skytrain” which is being restored, and at the far right, our SNJ-4.

All of the fighters were out in part because there was a big event being set up in that open hangar on the far right, but also because they flew today in honor of Joe Peppito, a long-time CAF SoCal member who passed away in December.

The C-46 was Joe’s baby. It would be fantastic to see here restored and made airworthy again. Anyone know anyone with about $500,000 or so that they would like to donate to get her flying, perhaps with your name painted on the side? Tax deductible!

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