Where’s The Plane?

There are few joys in life better than, after an eleven-hour-plus day at the office (we’re still working on the audit!), having to drive out to the hangar (forty-five minutes each way) in order to spend an hour or more “fixing” the laptop that runs our point-of-sale system.

It had spontaneously upgraded to Windows 10 last week, which killed the POS system, leaving the museum and gift shop without any way of keeping track of sales or accepting credit cards.  I had rolled the system back to Windows 8.1 on Saturday, but I got a call last night that it was happening again.

Wait, there is one joy better – getting there and finding out that there’s now a password on the system that I don’t know!

Those dragons got slain, the rollback to Win 8.1 happened again, and some quick web searches led me to some things to try to drive a stake through the heart of the Windows 10 upgrade. We’ll see.

Of course, as long as I’m there by myself, and it’s a “clear and a million” night, I had to take a few minutes to walk around the ramp. And take pictures. Like there was any doubt that I would do that!

File Apr 18, 23 03 33

Can you spot the landing plane, just crossing the numbers?

File Apr 18, 23 17 39

Night operations can be disorienting, which is why one needs to practice it regularly if one’s going to be doing it. It’s also important to be alert, lest the drone of the engine leave everything looking like this at a bad moment.

(And yes, we did get our tax extension form filed! Actually got it done yesterday, a whole thirty-plus hours early, which may be a new record.)

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