1096 Days

Happy Third Birthday to “We Love The Stars Too Fondly!”

1096 days.

1197 posts.


13,354 visitors.

Cthulu alone knows how many words – probably 650K+, maybe 700K. So, like half of a “Game of Thrones” novel.

379 current followers on the website, 327 through Twitter, 260 through Facebook, 8 through Tumblr. (I have a Tumblr account?)

The number one tag or category, by almost a three to one margin? “Photography.” Well, duh! Followed by “Los Angeles,” “CAF,” “Space,” “Astronomy,” “Travel,” and “Flying.”

Article with the most views, by a decent margin (which I find just a touch surprising), is Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach (And Bad News About It). Of course, linking to it is just going to make the rich get richer…

Currently (i.e., over the last four months) the most popular video is this one from last December showing some of our CAF planes roaring by.

Number of days with nothing posted — two, 04/18/2014 and 04/01/2016 (no joke!)

I don’t know how many pictures, videos, panoramas, embedded tweets, and YouTube videos. I’ve stopped keeping track. I don’t have time for most of that minutia.

That’s obviously the biggest change in the last year. When I started this website I was unemployed and wanted to use it as a way to force myself to write and stay away from the dark pit of daily self-medication with “Oprah” and a half-pint of cookie dough ice cream. What I found was much more.

When I was able to get back to work last December (which, mind you, is a wonderful thing!) I found very quickly that I didn’t have the time to put into the site that I had spent before. I knew there would be an adjustment – I didn’t realize that there would be an **ADJUSTMENT**!!!

Yet we carry on. Articles are shorter, pictures are more common, there’s a lot less random “what’s on Paul’s mind today” rambling. I sort of miss that some days, but I haven’t heard that anyone does, so perhaps less truly is more.

At the risk of plagiarizing myself, I still want to thank everyone who reads my offbeat observations, goofball fiction, and rants. I’m glad that so many of you enjoy the pictures, and I’m grateful for every one of you who takes the time to post a comment when I say something either stupid, inspiring, or both. I appreciate all of the folks who stumbled on this site three years ago and have kept reading occasionally, even if they aren’t family and “have to!” I also appreciate all of the folks who have just found this site by following whatever search engine muse guided them here and are checking to see if I can write better than your average bear.

I hope you’ll all continue to stick around as I continue ranting, photographing, whining, traveling, satirizing, and writing into our fourth year.

I’m still having fun, exposing myself to the world in digital print form on a daily basis, wallowing in the mud shoals of the great social media sea.

I hope you are enjoying the ride as well.




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4 responses to “1096 Days

  1. Ronnie

    Well done dear❌⭕️

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  2. Happy 3rd B’day!

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