Imposition vs Opportunity Redux

For the second time this week I found myself heading out to Camarillo on short notice to take care of some CAF business, and for the second time this week what at first seemed a necessary inconvenience turned into an unexpected opportunity.

All of our fighters are headed off to Chino for the weekend and they’re staged and ready to head out first thing in the morning. I got there right around sunset when there’s that soft, pinkish light…

File Apr 28, 22 34 47 small

You have to stand a long way back to get them all in the frame like that, and there’s a building in the way. Wait, it’s time for a panorama!

File Apr 28, 22 36 12 small

For the curious, from left to right, that’s a Spitfire, a Zero, a Hellcat, a Mustang, and a Bearcat.

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Filed under CAF, Panorama, Photography

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