Another Saturday At My Other Office

As usual for a Saturday, I was out at the CAF SoCal hangars in Camarillo. While there I took a few minutes to share a bit of the ambiance with a friend I met at my first NASA Social, Melissa Aho. Melissa’s a plane person in addition to being a space person, working on her private pilot’s license, so I thought she might like to see my “other office.”

The actual office and area around my desk (not shown) is considerably more shabby than my “day job office,” but the view outside the door is much more interesting than the top of a five-story building!

File Apr 30, 22 30 06

File Apr 30, 22 30 31

File Apr 30, 22 30 55

All of our fighters were out at the Chino Air Show today, so the ramp was fairly quiet and the hangars were reasonably empty. The mechanics were taking the opportunity to do a lot of cleaning up and throwing out, while I took the time to get caught up on a stack of accounting crap. (“Accounting crap” is an official, technical, accounting, GAAP-approved term.)

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