The Sun For A Minute

The day, she was chilly and damp and cloudy. It didn’t matter that much since I was indoors with no windows, trying to make the best of my one regular day per week at the hangar. All of those number things and bank things and statement things and moths in the purse things, don’cha know.

When I was getting ready to leave, having assumed that it had gotten dark long before (it was a loooooong day playing catch up) I was surprised to see that the setting sun had finally found a way to peek out from under the persistent cloud deck. It probably had to go all the way past Santa Barbara to do it, but there it was.

File May 28, 21 35 46 small

As it got closer to the horizon, a bit more illumination crept through and showed that the clouds were actually breaking up just a touch.

File May 28, 21 35 18 small

I wanted to boogie home, but before I left I walked out to the edge of the taxiway for the pig bicture.

File May 28, 21 34 10 small

(As always, click on the image to get the full-sized version.)

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