Christmas Lights – November 27th

Weekend One of the 2016 Christmas Lights Frenzy is in the books. Thanks to The Younger Daughter’s help on Friday (the addition of an extra set of hands is far more than exponential in the amount accomplished) and several hours way too high on a ladder today, we’ve made a pretty good start to this year’s madness.

file-nov-27-22-35-19-smallAgain with the possibility (probability?) that this will be our last Christmas in this house after twenty-six years here, I’m trying to max out our display.file-nov-27-22-34-49-smallOne issue we have is some large changes in the foliage which is the support and substrate for so many of the lights. A huge chunk of the birch tree is gone from a wind storm a month or so ago, and the tall evergreens just to the left of the garage door went away when the enormous sewer project went in. (For comparison, here’s a picture from last year.)file-nov-27-22-34-22Just playing with the iPhone, but if you click on this image and blow it way up on the screen, you can juuuuuuust pick out the seven bright stars in Orion that make up the shoulders, feet, and belt.

Which gives me an idea to try for later…

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