Handles Like A Pig In A Crosswind!

Lookie what showed up on the CAF SoCal ramp in Camarillo last weekend!

It’s a Convair 240!

Well, at least it’s a big chunk of a Convair 240.

Some key pieces are missing – like the wings…

…the engines…

…the tail…

…the landing gear, and then a whole bunch of fiddly bits.

That’s gotta make it tough to control under the best of circumstances!

What’s that aerodynamic term I was looking for? Oh, yeah! “Ballistic.”

Not that this particular fuselage doesn’t have more than a bit of history. It was owned back in the 1960’s by a big movie studio. They paid the bills, but it was there for the use at will of one of the studio’s biggest stars of the day.

See that “CG” in the registration number? Let’s just say that if you were “Notorious” for wanting to go “North by Northwest” “To Catch A Thief” on “Operation Petticoat,” this would be your plane to be “Indiscreet” in while trying to avoid being “Father Goose.” And that’s no “Charade!”

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