Blue Sky, Pink Clouds, White Moon

The moon was two days shy of being full tonight, which has it rising above the house into a twilight blue sky.

Above was a layer of clouds turning pink in the sunset.

Behind me, out of the west, I could hear a big jet on the way into Burbank, swinging way around to the west over Ventura County before heading straight in to Runway 8.

As the clouds began to fade to grey, the UPS Cargo 757 lined up and vanished into the east.

In minutes, the pink and blue faded, leaving only the cold, white reflected light from the lunar surface.


Filed under Astronomy, Flying, Photography, Weather

2 responses to “Blue Sky, Pink Clouds, White Moon

  1. I had a lovely blue sky, pink sky photo at my niece’s wedding. I’m using it as my FB avatar at present (the real me!). Just didn’t get the moon that weekend – I think it was new 🙂

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  2. Ronnie

    Love your pics, dear

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